eGift UK Customer Agreement

Our agreement with you, in plain english

What is the agreement?
You are the customer using the eGift UK service for the delivery of electronic gift cards (eGifts). We are Unified Incentives UK Ltd, the owner and operator of the eGift UK service. The agreement between you and us is for the supply of the eGift UK service, a service for the issuance, delivery and redemption of electronic gift cards (eGifts). By signing up for this service and sending your first eGifts, you are acknowledging and consenting to this agreement.

What do you have to be aware of when you are signing up?
Please be sure to supply us with accurate and complete information such as your email address, residential address and telephone number. Please let us know as soon as any of these details change.

What are your obligations and responsibilities?
You are responsible for the accuracy of recipient email addresses. The eGift UK system tracks bounced and undeliverable emails but you are responsible for resolving deliverability issues.

You are responsible for ensuring that the email addresses and other personal details of your eGift recipients are collected and used in accordance with all relevant UK legislation, including privacy and spam laws.

You are responsible for keeping your username and password confidential and secure. Please select a strong password and do not share your username and password with anyone. You will be liable to pay for all eGifts delivered using your username and password.

eGift UK eGifts must only be delivered directly to the final intended recipient, and must only be opened and used by the intended recipient. You must not deliver an eGift to yourself or your employees acting as an intermediary, with the intention of then forwarding that eGift to the intended recipient. In addition you must not open an eGift link to select a retailer or activate a gift card on behalf of the final intended recipient.

What are the costs for the eGift UK service?
You will need to pay for:

  • The cost of the eGifts at face value;
  • The cost of any other optional features you wish to add;
  • All prices exclude VAT.

How will eGift UK use the details and email addresses of your eGift recipients?
Authorised eGift UK staff have access to the email addresses of recipients and the details of eGifts and eGift deliveries, but only for the purposes of administering the eGift UK service and providing support to you and to recipients.

We will never sell or share the details of your eGift recipients with any third party.

If a recipient requests support from eGift UK, we may email the recipient in response to their support enquiry. There may also be very rare circumstances where we need to email a recipient with critical information about an issue with their eGift.

Other than in the circumstances listed above, we will never email your eGift recipients for any other reason.

EU Data Privacy (EU General Data Protection Regulation "GDPR")

Unified Incentives UK Ltd has a technical office in Sydney Australia. The eGift UK service is hosted in Australia and any data that you submit to the eGift UK Service is stored in Australia. Please contact us to obtain an executed contract governing the export of data to a non-EU based data processor (Unified Incentives).

Sub-processing of email addresses for the purpose of email delivery is performed by (

Resending eGifts
You can resend an eGift via the Reports section at no additional cost.

  • If you resend to the same email address, a new email will be sent linking to the original eGift.
  • If you resend to a different email address, the original eGift will be cancelled and a new eGift will be issued.

Cancelling eGifts
You can cancel an eGift via the Orders section. When you cancel an eGift, we will apply a partial rebate from the value of that eGift to your bonus credit balance. The rebate amount will be the greater of either: a) the original gift value less £10, or b) 50% of the original gift value. If a recipient tries to open or redeem a cancelled eGift, the eGift will display a message explaining that the eGift was cancelled by you.

Bonus Credit
You may receive bonus account credit for various reasons. Bonus account credit is non-refundable and may only be used towards purchasing eGifts. Bonus account credit can only be used towards the purchase of eGifts once all deposited funds have been exhausted.

If you wish to close your eGift UK account, you may request a refund of deposited funds that have not been used to purchase or send eGifts. The total amount available for refund at any time is calculated as the total of all funds you have deposited, less the total face value of all eGifts you have sent and less the total of any other amounts you have been refunded. A processing fee of £5 applies for each refund. This fee will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Bonus credit is non-refundable.

eGift Conditions and Expiry
eGift UK eGifts have an expiry date. If the recipient of an eGift has not redeemed their eGift before the expiry date, the value of that eGift is forfeited.

Each eGift UK eGift will allow the recipient to select from a range of merchant-issued electronic gift cards and vouchers. These gift cards and vouchers are issued by the relevant merchant, and are subject to that merchant's terms, conditions of redemption and expiry dates.

How reliable is the eGift UK system?
We are very confident that we have built a reliable eGift system. However, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that the eGift UK system will be 100% reliable and available at all times. We also cannot be responsible for errors or issues such as network and internet errors that are out of our control.

Either party to this agreement may terminate this agreement with 7 days' notice to the other party.